Dennis Carey's Publications & Quotations


Title Author Year
Talent Strategy Risk Harvard Business Review Press Carey, Charan & McNabb 2021
Go Long: Why Long-Term Thinking Is Your Best Short-Term Strategy Wharton Digital Press Carel, Useem, Zemmel & Dumaine 2018
Talent Wins: The New Playbook for Putting People First Harvard Business Review Press Carey, Charan, Barton 2018
Boards That Lead - When to Take Charge, When to Partner & When to Stay Out of the Way Harvard Business Review Press
Dennis Carey, Ram Charan & Mike Useem
The Human Side of M&A Oxford University Press
Carey, Ogden & Roland
How to Run a Company
Crown Business
Carey, V Weichs
CEO Succession
Oxford University Press
Carey, Ogden & Roland


Title Author Year
Talent Management Handbook McGraw-Hill Berger (Carey, Feigen & Cashman) 2010
Owning Up
Charan (Carey Citation)
The Leader of the Future 2
Hesselbein & Goldsmith (Blanchard & Carey)
Talent Management Handbook
Berger (Carey & Ogden)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Harvard Business Review
(Carey, Aiello, Watkins, et. al.)


Title Author Year
How Companies Can Avoid CEO Hiring Failure
Carey, Kusin & Stevenson
Don't Force Firms to Split CEO and Chair
Wall Street Journal
Strategy Should Start in the Boardroom
Financial Times
Carey & Patsalos-Fox
A Match Made in Heaven
Wall Street Journal
Carey & Ogden
Have Spinoffs Spun Out of Control
New York Times
Carey & Saul


Executive Talent Magazine Author Year
GO LONG: Why Long-Term Thinking Is Your Best Short-Term Strategy Carey, Useem, Zemmel & Dumaine 2019
Harvard Business Review Author Year
The CEO’s Playbook for a Successful Digital Transformation Dennis Carey, Ram Charan, Eric Lamarre, Kate Smaje, and Rodney Zemmel 2021
Engaging with Your Investors Carey, Charan & McNabb 2021
The Changing Role of the Investor Relations Officer Carey, Charan & McNabb 2021
Boards Are Overlooking Qualified Women. Here’s How to Fix That
Carey & Charan
How Successful CEOs Manage their Middle Act
Carey, Zemmel & Cuddihy
How Volvo Reinvented Itself Through Hiring Carey, Charan & Barton 2018
One Bank's Agile Team Experiment Carey, Charan & Barton 2018
How Companies Are Using Simulations, Competitions, and Analytics to Hire
Carey & Smith
April 2016
People Before Strategy: A New Role for the CHRO
Charan, Barton & Carey
July 2015
Your Board Should Think Like Activists
Charan, Carey & Useem
February 2015
How Boards Can Innovate (Blog)
Charan, Carey & Useem
May 2014
If the Board Monitors the Company, Who Monitors the Board? (Blog)
Charan, Carey & Useem
April 2014
How Microsoft Avoided the Peter Principle with Nadella (Blog)
Carey & Useem
February 2014
An Activist Investor Lands in Your Boardroom – Now What? (Blog)
Carey & Useem
January 2014
Root Out Dysfunction in the Boardroom (Blog)
Charan, Carey & Useem
January 2014
What Smart Boards Do When Investors Knock (Blog)
Carey & Useem
December 2013
Ten Essential Tips For Hiring Your Next CEO (Blog)
Charan, Carey & Useem
December 2013
Microsoft’s Next CEO: How the Board Can Get It Right (Blog)
Charan, Carey & Useem
November 2013
The Audit Committee's New Agenda
Sherman, Carey & Brust
June 2009
Picking the Right Insider for CEO Succession
Carey, Phelan & Useem
Lessons from Master Acquirers: A CEO Roundtable on Making Mergers Succeed
Carey, et. al.

An agenda for the talent-first CEO Carey, Charan & Barton
How to choose the right nonexecutive board leader Carey, Keller, Patsalos-Fox 2010
Leadership Leassons for Hard Times Carey, Pastalos-Fox, Useem 2009
Shaping Strategy from the Boardroom Carey & Patsalos-Fox 2006
Equity Carve-Outs: A New Spin on Corporate Structure Anslinger, Carey, Fink & Gagnon 1997

Harvard Law School Blogs Author Year
Survey of Board Leadership 2014 - The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation August 2014

Wharton Author Year
Managing Risk: A Checklist for Leaders Dennis Carey, Ram Charan, Michael Useem, William and Jacalyn Egan April 2014
Nano Tools for Leadership Dennis Carey, Ram Charan, Michael Useem, William and Jacalyn Egan December 2013

Strategy & Business Author Year
Politicians for Prosperity Charan, Carey, Useem October 2014

The European Business Review Author Year
Boards that Lead Charan, Carey, Useem March/April 2014

Briefings Magazine Author Year
Advice to Boards: Seek Returns
Carey & Roland
Quarter 2, 2012
When Finding the Right CEO is Job #1
Carey & Keller

KFI Institute Author Year
New Directors and New Directions at America's Most Valuable Public Companies
Board leadership at America's Most Valuable Public Companies

The Corporate Board Author Year
Best Practices for CEO Succession

Chief Executive Author Year
CEO Shift: How CEOs are Using Crisis to Pivot to a Better Future
Carey, Charan & Remick
Why Boards that Lead Succeed
Charan, Carey, Useem
May 2014
10 Principles for Finding the Right CEO
Charan, Carey, Useem
May 2014
CEO Succession: 10 best practices by the best companies…
Finding a New CEO
Carey & Ogden

Directorship Author Year
Ensuring Great Non-Executive Board Leadership Carey 2010
The SEC's Bad Rx for Boards

Business Lawyer Author Year
Director Ownership, Corporate Performance, and Management Turnover
Bhagat, Carey & Elson

Directors & Boards Author Year
A New TSR for Boards: An argument for focusing on talent, strategy and risk. Carey & Hallagan 4th Q, 2021
8 positive trends that are transforming boards Carey & Hallagan 4th Q, 2016
Book of the Year

Are Options Dead?

How About Alan Mulally?
Carey & Keller
The disruptive power of a dysfunctional director
Charan, Carey & Useem
First Quarter 2014
How the Ford board Recruited CEO Alan Mulally
Dennis Carey and John Keller
Fourth Quarter 2012
Seismic Shift in Board Compensation
Carey & Rizk
3rd Quarter 2005
The War for Talent
Carey & Useem
Summer 2004
A Roadmap for Director Pay: GE Leads Again
Carey, Useem
Winter 2003
The CEO's First Hundred Days
Carey & Ogden
Summer 2002
How to Respond to Disruptive Technologies
Carey, Bolton, Dohm, McAteer & Winstead
Spring 2000
The Delicate Matter of the Number Two
Carey & Ogden
Spring 2000
Before Your M&A Deal, Do a Human Capital Audit
Carey & Feigen
Spring 1999
Compensation Committee: 10 Best Practices
Carey, Lederer & Lowry
Summer 1999
Has Your Company Outgrown It's Board? Here's How to Tell
Carey & Pettway
Winter 1999
The Human Capital Audit: The Missing Element of Merger Strategy
Carey & Feigen
Special Report No 1, 1999
Audit Committee: 10 Best Practices
Carey & Weinstein
Summer 1998
Having Trouble Recruiting Directors? Don't Despair
Fall 1998
What to Do About the Opportunity-Cost Director
Carey & Neff
Winter 1998
Where the Board Drives Succession Planning
Spring 1997
The Appeal of the Equity Carve Out
Carey, Gagnon & Anslinger
Summer 1997
Succeeding at Succeeding Yourself
Carey & Ogden
Fall 1997
When a Spinoff is on the Board's Agenda
Carey, Elson & Saul
Winter 1997
The Director as Competitive Weapon
Carey & Ogden
Fall 1996
How Should Corporate Directors Be Compensated
Carey, Elson & England
Special Report No 1, 1996
Performance Based Director Pay
Spring 1995
The HR Executive's Role in Director Recruitment
Winter 1995
The Director's Institute is Launched
Spring 1994
Trends in Board Structure and Membership

NACD Author Year
It’s Time to Reinvent the Compensation Committee Carey
May 2018


Korn Ferry Year
Wall Street’s New Call for More Women Directors
February 2018
Forbes Year
Why Leaders Need To Put Talent At The Center Of Corporate Strategy
February 2018
How to Foster CFO-CHRO Collaboration and Improve Your Bottom Line
September 2017
Harvard Business Review Year
How the Best Board Directors Stay Involved
February 2015
Huffington Post Year
One Woman In The Boardroom Isn't Enough. Here's Why.
February 2015
Bored Boards Are Bad For Business. Smart Companies Are Fixing That
February 2015
Fortune Year
Why Companies That Manage for The Long Term Perform Far Better. And Why Most Still Don’t
May 2018
Activist investors’ unintentional war on women
September 2014
The case for employees to pick their CEO
July 2014
Jamie Dimon: When a CEO's health must become public knowledge
July 2014
7 executive jobs in the future C-suite
June 2011

The Boston Globe Year
Was Microsoft smart to play it safe with CEO pick?
February 2014

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Year
Chief Executive Exits, Firings On The Rise
June 2014

Financial Times Year
Refreshing the Board
January 2014

Corporate Secretary Year
Directors’ duty: when to lead, when to keep clear
January 2014

Agenda Year
Number of Exec Chairs Grows, but Pay Drops
October 2014
A Gift or a Challenge? New Microsoft CEO to Work With Gates
Facilitating Communication is No. 1 Duty of Board Leader
August 2010
The Graying of Corporate Boards
June 2010
What's Most Rewarding About Being a Director These Day?
December 2009
How Director Pay is Changing October 2009
New Board Committees Induce Boardroom Shuffle September 2009
Large Companies Overwhelmingly Choose Inside CEOs September 2008
Boards Redefine CEO's Role in Director Recruitment August 2006
Compliance - Focused Boards Stumped on Strategy
August 2006

The Economist Year
Schumpeter: From cuckolds to captains
December 2013
Second Life; Wall Street's Chief Executives
May 2009
Where's all the Fun Gone?
March 2004
The Way We Govern Now - Corporate Boards
January 2003
CEO Agenda: Boardrooms are at Last Being Shaken Up
January 2003

The Wall Street Journal Year
GE Housecleaning Will Alter Board’s Makeup   November 2017
When an Ill Wind Blows in C-Suite   June 2017
Field Experience Helps Win Board Seats   September 2014
Mulally Could Stretch His Wings Beyond Google   July 2014
The Hottest Corporate Fad: Pay CEOs to Find Successors   April 2014
CEO Reads: The ‘Circular’ Economy: Microsoft and the Peter Principal   February 2014
Book Review: ‘Boards That Lead’   January 2014
Young Tech Firms Tap Washington Insiders   August 2012
How to Win an Executive Horse Race
  March 2012
Power Shifts Atop Google   January 2011
Out-of-Work CEOs Find Openings at the Top Are Few, Callbacks Rare   July 2010
Apple Director, Car Expert York Hospitalized   March 2010
Ex-CEOs Lend Struggling Companies a Hand   November 2009
The Shake-Up at GM

April 2009
Detroit's New Model

March 2009
Corporate Leaders Push to Separate Chairman, CEO Roles
The Asian Wall Street Journal
March 2009
Theory & Practice: Chairman-CEO Split Gains Allies

March 2009
Harman's New Chief Finds His Voice

September 2008
I Quit!...For a While'

August 2005
Globalizing the Boardroom

October 2005
U.S. Boards are More Homebound than Europe's
Wall Street Journal Europe
October 2005
Merck's Slide May Dislodge Company's CEO

October 2003
Corporate Governance (A Special Report)

February 2003
In The Lead: For Many New CEO's, Preparation Time is Unaffordable Luxury
The Asian Wall Street Journal
June 2003

Businessweek Year
Hewlett-Packard Announces Board of Directors Shake-Up   February 2011
Top Managers Are Quitting, Without a New Job   November 2009
Bank Bonuses Spark Talent War   October 2009
Breeding Grounds for New CEO's

April 2009
Solving Tyco's Identity Crisis   February 2009
Managing Through A Crisis: The New Rules

January 2009
Most Influencial Headhunters

January 2008
Who's on Board at Tyco

January 2007
Going Private; Hotshot Managers are Fleeing Public Companies for the Money, Freedom & Glamour of Private Equity

February 2006
Talent Goes by the Board
Business Week Online
July 2005

The Washington Post Year
Mary Barra: The rare CEO who worked in human resources The Washington Post January 2014
Microsoft Says New CEO Won’t be Named Until Early 2014 The Washington Post December 2013

Bloomberg Year
IBM: A New CEO for Its 100th Birthday
June 2011
Hewlett-Packard Announces Board of Directors Shake-Up
January 2011

The Associated Press Year
Sequels to Iconic CEOs Rarely as Good as Original
January 2009
Icahn's Big Bet on Yahoo Hinges on Microsoft Sale
June 2008

CNN Year
CEOs lash out at WorldCom with Dennis Carey
June 2002

Directors & Boards Year
A Strengthening Nexus: Boards and the CHRO
4th Quarter 2009

NACD Directorship Year
View From A Departing CEO
June 2011

The Times Of India Year
Top 2 Contenders for IBM CEO Job
June 2011

Investor's Business Daily Year
The Art of Handling Sick Chief Executive Boards
September 2008
Today's CEO: More Listening, Less Talking
May 2005

New York Times Year
Korn Ferry Vice Chairman Dennis Carey Co-Authors “Go Long: Why Long-Term Thinking Is Your Best Short-Term Strategy”
May 2018
Spitz Lends His Prestige to Swim Hall
May 2005
U.S. Chief Executives Fare Well in Job Security, Survey Finds
May 2005

USA Today
Weissmuller Medals Back in Swimming Hall of Fame
September 2005
CEOs of the Future get Formal Training to Take Giant Leap
December 2003

Corporate Board Member Magazine Year
The Essence of a Great Director - Carey, Charan & McNabb
The Compensation Committee Takes its Turn
October 2008

Marketwatch Year
Why CEO Second Acts may Deserve an Encore
January 2008

Chief Executive Year
Succession in the Valley
June 2005

D & O Advisor Year
The View from the Outside; Do Independent Directors Matter
March 2004
Selecting a High-Performance CEO - Charan, Carey & McNabb


Wharton Business Radio SiriusXM July 2021
Four Lessons for Fintech (and all) Boards
Alex Lazarow July 2021
Why even CEOs need to ask for help: How Alan Mullaly turned Ford around
Big Think YouTube April 2018
NASDAQ - Speed Read - Talent Wins NASDAQ Facebook Live March 2018
In The Workplace - Talent Wins Sirius XM - Wharton Business Radio February 2018
Total Picture Radio Podcast – Boards That Lead
TotalPicture Radio
January 2014
Money For Breakfast - Microsoft/Yahoo Negotiations
Fox Business Network
January 2009
Lou Dobbs MoneyLine - CEO Academy
February 2002